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Woven Bunny

Begin with a pin loom woven square, knitted square. 

Begin by pinning and basting a triangle on the square. Gathering the basted yarn will form the ears and head.


Tuck a ball of roving or stuffing into the pocket formed by the gathered yarn, then pull the yarn tight and tie to secure.


Use a larger bit of roving or stuffing for the body, then sew along the top edge and secure to form a tube. Sew along the edge of the tube and gather to form the end of the body where the pompon tail will be added.

Add a pompon tail and tie sew into place with the end of the yarn used to sew up the bunny body. Use the other yarn end to embroider eyes (French knots), a nose, and whiskers.

Attach your bunny to a bag strap using a length of string or enjoy as an essential oil diffuser by adding a few drops to the wool roving head.